Short and Sweet, Wildcat Volleyball

Volleyball season provides a sports season during the off season


Emily Straetz

On Wednesday March 9, the Wildcat volleyball team played one of their 5 games against Fort Fairfield. Ellie Clark ‘23 doesn’t let her height affect her performance while playing. “Despite my height, I’m still good at playing net,” Clark said.

Cassidy Carlisle, Staff Writer

Quinn Demerchant ’22, just hung up his hockey skates for the last time as a Wildcat hockey player. In the meantime, as he waits for graduation he has decided to play volleyball. “The boys wanted me to play some volleyball,” said Demerchant. “And I’m almost done with high school sports, so I’d thought I’d take part.” Volleyball is a short sports season, spanning about two weeks this year, between winter and spring sports. Unlike the other teams that are part of the MPA interscholastic teams, volleyball does not receive a letter, pin or any special awards, it’s purely for local bragging rights and team fun.

Olivia Locke ’25 said she believes volleyball is a good sport for the off season even if team members don’t compete for gold balls or varsity letters. “I thought it would be a good experience, and a good off-season sport,” Locke said. “It’s good for communication skills which you can use in your other sports, because in volleyball you have to be constantly talking.”

For many people volleyball is fun and relaxed the majority of the time. “My favorite thing about volleyball season is definitely the free spirited practices,” Myah Bragdon ‘22 said. “And the immediate bond our team has.” Unlike other sports Gabi Caron ‘23 feels volleyball is a fun and less intense  environment for her. “Volleyball is stress free, because there is no pressure put onto you,” she said.

Courtney Kane ‘22 echoed this. She says volleyball is great because it brings some change into her sports life. “It’s a good change from the other sports I play,” said Kane. “It’s less serious and just more for fun, although we still want to win.” Jack Boone ’24 also says he enjoys volleyball because you can still have fun while being competitive. “My favorite thing about volleyball is how much everyone makes it while still wanting to win games,” Boone said.

The last time the girls volleyball team won the championship was 2016, and the boys last won in 2017. If you are looking to attend a volleyball game, the 2022 Aroostook League Division 1 Volleyball Championships will both be held on March 16, at 3:30 PM. The girls will travel to Madawaska and Caribou hosts the boys tournament.