Staff Picks: Ethan Dionne


Makayla White

Ethan Dionne (26) posing after our interview

Makayla White, Staff Writer

For this week’s staff picks, Ethan Dionne has chosen to share some of his favorite things.

For music, he’s been listening to the Foo Fighters. He also said “I listen to everything honestly. Just not country music, I hate it.” (A fairly common opinion)

Ethan informed me that he doesn’t usually watch TV, he just finds entertainment through memes. When he does watch TV, though, he said “I watch whatever comes on Netflix. After being shown a few memes, I understand why that’s his primary source of entertainment and humor.

In typical Ethan-fashion he made me laugh by joking that his favorite Dunkin order is a “throwback to the old days.” He gets a chocolate glazed donut and a blue raspberry coolatta, “like a little kid,” he said.